The Multiple Measures project has brought together a number of colleagues with strong records in education for creative disciplines and a focus on interdisciplinarity.  It has investigated subtle and varied experiences of education across the disciplines, and has sought to deliver these in a form that can support and inform best practice as well as pedagogic innovation.

The project has benefited from the contributions of many people, particularly those who offered their time and energy to workshops and other discussions over eighteen months, and who have communicated in between these in an ongoing conversation about value and possibility.

Special mention should be made of …

Professor Paul Gough, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Vice President, College of Design and Social Context, RMIT University, who acted as the Evaluator for the project, finding time and focus for insightful engagement and thoughtful contributions to its direction and development.

Dr Kate Tregloan, who was the Project Lead and Chief Investigator. In these roles, she led the research approach, co-ordinated the reference group and community of practice workshops. She led the core production team in the design and development of the tool and the website, and ongoing dissemination activities. The project has been very fortunate to have her outstanding leadership and commitment.

Professor Kit Wise, who has offered a balancing perspective, a wide skillset, and a generosity of spirit to the multiple phases and challenges of this nuanced journey. He has chaired many formal, informal and emergent discussions, bringing varied and valuable voices into the project.

Both Graham Forsyth and Professor Su Baker brought considerable experience to their discussions of Multiple Measures. The University of NSW Art + Design, and the VCA at the University of Melbourne hosted key workshops that progressed and informed the project and its development.

Dr Debbie Symons has been a key contributor to the project, without whom it would not have been possible. She coordinated its delivery with focus, energy and enthusiasm every day.  Thank you!

Dr Wendy Fountain and Justine Rouse contributed excellent research assistance and a depth of knowledge, informing the development and contextualization of key ideas at crucial stages of the project.

Courtney Rodricks of Digital Safari, brought coding expertise and a willingness to experiment to the delivery of the Multiple Measures tool and website. Chris Ashe and Emma Fisher of Cordial Creative developed the graphic design, and worked through multiple iterations to find the form you see here.

The project received funding support as an Innovation & Development Project by the Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching.  We have been very grateful for this support to explore and expand valuable approaches to students’ interdisciplinary education, and to offer this to the broader higher education community.

The Multiple Measures project has been fortunate to learn from the experiences and hard-won wisdom of those who contributed to the MM collection, and to benefit from the efforts of those mentioned above and many more besides.  The project has brought together a great range of committed educators who have developed innovative and valuable approaches to the development of student abilities, and who have looked beyond the strictures of current paradigms to seek perspectives to offer the future.

We hope the Multiple Measures website and tool will offer you many new ways to think about and expand approaches to the education of your students, and that you will contribute your own experiences to this growing collection.  Thank you in advance!


Multiple Measures project team

Dr Kate Tregloan is Associate Dean (Education) of Monash University’s Faculty of Art Design & Architecture. She is a registered architect, and has a particular research interest in the qualitative and quantitative judgments that influence creative development, with national and international publications in this area. She is particularly engaged by the contributions of perspective to innovative outcomes.  She has brought this focus to interdisciplinary education and research collaborations with colleagues from health, science, art and design, in Australian and international institutions.

Prof Kit Wise is Professor of Fine Art and Head of the Tasmanian College of the Arts, University of Tasmania. His research focuses on approaches to and outcomes from interdisciplinary education and research agendas. He is also a practicing artist, art writer and curator. He is an active member of national peak bodies in art and design and has engaged with art schools nationally and internationally in an advisory capacity on interdisciplinary course design, including Massey, New Zealand, Banff in Canada and LaSalle, Singapore.

Dr Debbie Symons, Project Co-ordinator, Monash Art Design & Architecture is a recent Monash graduate and a practicing artist. Her work utilises environmental data to investigate and interrogate the links between environmental degradation and free market capitalism; exploring humankind’s ecological conundrum. Symons collaborates with scientific organisations including the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species to analyse the statistics embedded within her works.  Her works have been shown internationally and nationally and recently exhibited in Paris and New York as part of the artistic response to the COP21 Earth Summit.

Mr Graham Forsyth is Associate Dean (Academic) at UNSW | Faculty of Art and Design. Graham was joint Leader of the ALTC-funded Studio Teaching Project, 2007-2009 which researched studio learning and teaching in Art, Design and Architecture and chaired the organising committee of two major international conferences on design education, ConnectED2007 and ConnectED2010. In 2009 Graham was awarded an ALTC Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning, and in 2011 received the Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence for contributions to student learning.

Prof Su Baker, is Director of the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA), University of Melbourne and has 25 plus years’ experience in teaching, research and senior management at Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney and as Head of the VCA School of Art. She is a member of the Council of Trustees of the National Gallery of Victoria and is President of the Australian Council of Deans and Directors of Creative Arts.

Reference Group

  • Associate Professor Denise Ferris, ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences
  • Dr Alison Wotherspoon, Flinders University
  • Professor Jonathan Holmes, University of Tasmania
  • Professor Jane Rendell, Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London
  • Professor Marie Sierra, UNSW Art & Design
  • Dr Mick Douglas, RMIT
  • Associate Professor Shane Hulbert, RMIT
  • Associate Professor Paul Thomas, UNSW Art & Design